GlassInspection Machine(Roller)

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GlassInspection Machine

GlassInspection Machine(Roller)

Overview of the machine

Inspection machine for defects from small size tempered glass(including print area), which is used for cell-phone and other IT devices.



Feature of the machine


1. Product transfer machine

- Using method of vibration and constant speed of conveyer roller

2. Stable inspection ability and fast inspection time with high image processing system

- 6 second Tact time for standard of 5 inch glass (based on 4 camera inspection)

3. Applying self-developed inspection algorithm

- Vision Inspection for Foreign Substance, Stain, Scratch, Dent/Pit, Chipping, Printing conditions, and etc

4. Composition of various optics

- Adjustable optics based on Inspection object, defect detection

- Apply Coaxial, Penetration, Reflection illumination

5. Application for quality assurance

- Detailed defect classification

- Display defect position and zoomed defect

- Save defect image